Beyond Marketing

Just a thought to re-shift our perspective out of the marketing box for a moment…

I saw a powerful documentary short last weekend, Last Mile, that tells the remarkable story of a tech incubator operating behind the iron bars of San Quentin federal prison. Founded by venture capitalist Chris Redlitz, the incubator acts as a resource for inmates to stay current on rapidly advancing technology, learn business techniques, presentation skills, and in some cases even receive funding for their ideas. 

The United States currently incarcerates 1 in nearly 100 American adults. Research over the past two decades by stakeholders across various jurisdictions shows that there are better ways to protect our communities than mass incarceration. Yes, we will still need to be tough on crime, but in ways that emphasize personal responsibility, promote rehabilitation and treatment, and allow for the provision of victim restitution where applicable. I thought it was a powerful case of how the private sector and technology can come together to offer alternative and effective solutions to long-standing societal issues like prisoner re-habitation. When we think about return on investment, it’s important to sometimes think about what return really means.