I am Ram Krishnan. Welcome to Ramalytics.


I don't have a book, a six-week program, or a seminar to sell you. I am, however, a human being who happens to consume things. That fact alone is what compelled me to launch this blog, as well as my career, come to think of it. To me, building a brand is about connecting. It's about finding, predicting, or creating that one thread of relevance that taps into what we as human beings desire, need or value. 

To succeed in this endeavor, you of course need smart marketing; but that’s one part of the puzzle. The product needs to fulfill the changing needs of your customers, it needs to be delivered to them at the right time, place, and medium, it needs to be priced right, made right, positioned right… I look at the interplay of all of these factors as an ongoing challenge -- something that has to be continually re-examined, analyzed, tweaked and even turned on its head every so often. 

Human beings evolve, as do the tools, platforms, data and methods through which we consume and parse our world. As technologies develop, so should the means through which we market, sell, manufacture and innovate our products. When I launched this blog, I was serving as the CMO of Frito-Lay North America. There was no shortage of marketing fodder internally or externally in the consumer marketing landscape where my brands needed to thrive. I most recently pivoted somewhat to become Chief Customer Officer and SVP/General Manager of Global Sales for PepsiCo. While I now find myself in the unique position of managing a global team bringing the best brands in the business to market, I see this as less of a pivot, than a broadening of my scope. As I strive to promote a culture of experimentation within our team, embracing both technology and personality as we explore, create and iterate new ways to deliver our products to consumers around the world, the lens of the marketing technologist still pervades as an essential part of the equation for success. 
I’ve been fortunate to be part of an organization comprised of the best and brightest from around the world, and value the daily conversations online and off that I am lucky to have with thought leaders and social influencers representing an array of industries, points of view and expertise.  Whenever I see something that makes me question the way things are done, I know that whatever happens, interesting conversations will ensue. We are in the midst of major shifts in how business gets done, and I invite you to navigate these conversations with me, shed some light upon them, and see together where they take us.